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  • 1 month, 2 weeks ago janwillemthefactor Level 8 MOC Designer
    Ah dat zou mooi zijn! Ik zou ze zeker toevoegen (met bronvermelding uiteraard).
  • 2 months ago janwillemthefactor Level 8 MOC Designer
    Sure, you can use it as an instruction! Could you include both the .io and .pdf? The .io is probably a good starting point if someone wants to improve on the steps etc which is certainty possible.  I just made a few improvements to the instructions (added a front page, moved one loose pin to a better place, and a few text boxes for clarifications). The above link still works.
  • 2 months, 4 weeks ago janwillemthefactor Level 8 MOC Designer
    Nice! - good to see that you could build it even a different Lego set.
  • 3 months ago janwillemthefactor Level 8 MOC Designer
    Ein schönes Model das ich gerne bauen möchte!

    Ich habe angefangen in Bricklink Studio eine PDF Bauanleitung to machen. Hier sind die erste 60 Schritten - das meiste des Zentrales Teil. Es ist nicht besonders schön und hat warscheinlich noch einige kleine Fehler aber warscheinlich gut genug um zu bauen. Wenn ich so weit bin und es tatsächlich funktioniert, werde ich die Bauanleitung ergänzen.

    A beautiful model that I really would like to build!
    I have started in Briclink Studio to compose PDF build instructions. Here are the first 60 steps, most of the central part. It is not the most beautiful piece of work and probably has a couple of mistakes but probably just about good enough to allow construction. When I'm ready and see that it works, I'll finish the rest.

    To be absolutely clear: the files I link to are really Kartmen's design, I merely added steps to the .io file in order to work towards a PDF. My understanding is that sharing this is ok if I give the original MOC the credits.
    link to PDF 

    link to modified io