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  • 6 days, 20 hours ago monstermatou Level 11 MOC Designer
    Thank you for the comment and the photo, I now see where the addition was made and I must say that it is rather smart to have consolidated there. Thank you again for the advice!
  • 1 week, 5 days ago monstermatou Level 11 MOC Designer
    after construction, this moc is great: the design and engineering of james and geyserbrick is impressive: I find the H gearbox more interesting than the Porsche and easier to control.
    for the design, I didn't even tell my parents what it is and they knew right away. 
    nothing to say, perfect! 
    (+it takes less space on my shelves)
  • 2 weeks ago monstermatou Level 11 MOC Designer
    hello I don't know what your problem is because some people might have bought it. 
    can you tell me what's wrong with it so I can fix it as best as I can?
  • 3 weeks ago monstermatou Level 11 MOC Designer
    Thanks for the info, I'll rearrange the pdf. for the black parts I can't do anything but you can solidify it with other external parts. for the panels clearly I don't know how to do... but thanks anyway for building it so fast and thanks also for the name that has been changed !