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I mainly build alternates from Creator sets. Spiced up with Architecture and custom ideas. And from the summer 2017, Speed Champions.

There are 2 main reasons why I focus on alternates:

1. It is a fun challenge to make something playable, and realistic, with a limited parts selection.
2. Sharing it with you, you only have to buy one set to get access to a lot of alternates.

If you want to know more about me and my Lego life, I have been interviewed by the russian Lego site Legko Shake. You can read the inteview here in english.
If you like my work, and download a lot of my building instructions, you are welcome to support me with any amout you see fit via PayPal.Me/Per Bonde.


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  • 15 hours ago perbonde (93951) MOC Designer PRO
    You can not blame people for using the different options this site provides. If you have a problem with a price being too high to meet your expectations, buy something else, choose a free option, reverse engineer it, or build something your self. Four options, and none of them are about complaining!
    This is by far the best Lego fan site on the web when it comes to sharing instructions. And Nathan and his team has done a great job over the years making it attractive for fans all over the world, for free.
    I have chosen to make my builds free, but I understand why Keep On Bricking and others have put a price tag on theirs. We all use our spare time to play with LEGO, make instructions in different formats, and make them available on different sites. So why not try to be rewarded for the effort?
    What is your contribution?
    Have fun building. Per, Denmark
  • 3 days, 7 hours ago perbonde (93951) MOC Designer PRO
    Hi rt83x. Use the building instructions tab above, or the link to the right. They are made in LDD, so you have to download and install the program. Free Lego software. Have fun, Per
  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago perbonde (93951) MOC Designer PRO
    Thank you. I had a lot of fun with this set. Glad to be remembered. Never saw a bird in it though!